Saturday, May 29, 2010

One month update

So, Friday marked the one month mark of having braces and it seems a lot longer than that...anyway, things are going well in terms of teeth getting straighter, but I still freak out at the notion of whacking my jaws in surgery. I keep telling myself that it is just "dental" procedure to try and level out the anxiety around surgery and no matter what, because of my open bite, I am going to have to spend lots of money into dental work in the future and if I take advantage of this today at least it will be done right.
My next appointment is June 22 (at 4:20, by the way, which is think is hysterical) and I will ask for the number of mm I will have to advance the jaw etc. I have the picture and x-rays taken at my first appointment and need to scan them then I will post em..

It has been rolling around my head ideas of what braces are good for so I thought I would begin to keep track of them...

1. A bunch of new sharp toys that my tongue can't stop playing with
2. Providing me a new nick name like "brace face," "metal mouth," and my favorite "tin grin," etc.
3. Grating the inside of my mouth
4. Sewing in threading dental floss between my teeth and braces every night
5. Great place to store food for later!
6. They have effectively altered my diet towards softer foods..
7. Wow, jump start my weight loss
8. A new affectionate love for wax...
9. Learning new words like orthognathic and how to spell it to!
10. And finally, to straighten my teeth...duh

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Here we go!

Hi there, I am writing this blog to express my thoughts about orthognathic surgery I must have. I am 41 years old, and attempted to get this surgery done when I was in my early twenties, but to no avail due to the outrageous cost. Just recently had braces put back on the begin the journey once again. I have an "open bite" and have been to over and over and over again that if I don't get thiscondition corrected that eventyally the molars will break out and lead to further problems. At the urging of my new dentist (who also had the surgery done in the day that your jaw was wired shut) I made an appointment with the orthodontist. I took both my wife and sister with me so that they could hear and understand the wild ass journey this would be if it proceeded forward. It was quite an interesting experience, because while I thought that I woudl just go in and talk to an orthodontist and get a fancy booklet about braces and orthognathic surgery, that was further from the truth. The ortho took xrays and photo's of my mug then took me into the consultation room. Back in the 90's, when I first started this it seemed like this part took weeks to get....needless to say wife and sis got a good look at the pressure created on my jaw everytime I bite. Before I knew it, I was having dental impressions made for my Oral Surgeon consultation in 2 weeks. I must say, I did enjoy the swift, decisive push to get me going on this again. I have been dreading the notion of being a dental cripple in my older age....

Today, I am about 3 weeks into braces and getting use to the irratation created by them and have been encouraged by so many of the amazing blogs out there on successful journey in this surgery.