Saturday, January 29, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I have been seriously AOL, but for good reason. I have taken on new duties at work and my focus has been there.
Let see, the last time I went to my ortho not much a larger wire on the lower teeth, but still with the same wire size on the top now for several month. My back molars are pretty tweaked out so they are taking their own sweet time to fall into place. I asked at the time if he thought that surgery would be in May and he said that until my teeth get a little straighter he could not really make that predictions. Although, I will say the since that appoint my back molars have come a long way and I am hoping to get more clarity on my next appt Feb 8th. May will mark the one year mark of being in braces...time does fly! I am not completely tired of futzing around with braces, but there are day like today that they are driving me nuts! The inside of my mouth is being rubbed raw on one side. Also, the more I get clearer about the frustrations about my bite, the more I actually look forward to getting this surgery done to fix it!! It will be the weirdest thing experience to be able to bite through food! I am still very excited about the new surgeon I am working with. Haven't had the sleep study yet, but went to my family doctor just recently to get the referral. That should be rather interesting!
Thanks Tara for checking in!!
I will post after my Feb 8th appt, I am hoping to get more clarity on when the surgery will be.