Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ding Dong the Splint is Dead!

To catch you up between week 3 and week 5 here is basically the overview...swelling in the morning, pain in the evening from talking too much/splint, and me complaining 24/7 about how I HATE my splint, OMG this thing is awful. So, wanting to get my spling out ASAP, I called my surgeon to see if I could make an appointment in Seattle on my 6 week check up (he only comes to our County once a week). He said that rather than going over to Seattle he could take it on September 14 (today, which is 5 weeks and 2 days)!! I didn't hesitate to make that move and tah dah, today he pulled that awful thing out! Then, at noon, I had my check up with the orthodontist which removed the rest of the scrap metal in my mouth!! I was really dreading that visit, because my teeth are sore in some areas and the orthodontist usually tugs and pulls on them pretty hard! But, the gal that did the tweaking was amazing and that went really well!! So, today I am officially just an orthodontic patient! I have to wear rubberbands 24/7 on my right side so the molars begin to pull together and far so good on that!

Although the last couple of days one of my molars has become very sensitive to hot and cold and I am worried that it may turn into a root canal - that would absolutely suck, so at the moment I am just putting out there that everything is fine and it will heal and adjust!

Here are a couple update pictures...I really hate pictures right now because I think my smile is still very swollen...


I am hoping that with the splint out and the new regiment of orthodontic that my evening pain diminishes.

Hope all is well with everyone!
Cheers to you.