Saturday, June 26, 2010

So Many Questions, So Few Answers

Okay, for some reason I was so excited to get to the orthodontist on Tuesday, expecting a great progress report, red carpet and an announcement that everything is moving ahead of schedule. NOT! When I got there, no red carpet (okay no big deal on that) but when the actual orthodontist came over to see me he was surprised that I would actually have questions. ( or at least that’s the way I experienced it) So, here it goes:
Q: Hi so can you tell me what I can expect in terms of movement in my upper and lower jaw…
A: hmm, that is a good question.
Q: Are you the person that would answer this or is it my surgeon?
A: Well, I could give you an approximation, it appears that you would probably be moving the upper jaw approximately 1 to 2 mm forward, the lower jaw approximately 4 to 6mm back.
Q: Okay great, do you think that I will be having any of this surgery done this year? If so, I would like to accommodate my work and sick leave appropriately.
A: Hmmm, good question, chances are less than 40% of being ready this year…if so it would be closer to the end of the year and you could just roll into next years leave.

Am I the only one doing this procedure that would ask for reasonable answers to reasonable questions? I know I am not, but it is a weird experience, to me, for the professionals being aloof about questions I have. If I were in their shoes, I would be more expressive about answering my questions. When people come into my shop and ask hard questions about my industry, I handle their question and answer it as if they were my grandmother… but, I know that everyone in this world is scared to death of being sued because they misrepresented.

My next appointment is in August and the way time ticks by so fast, the next thing I’ll know I will be freaking out about surgery feeling like it’s right around the corner. It kind of makes me sweat just typing it… I got lots of tasks I need to get accomplished, I still have not got the insurance crap figured out and with work being so busy it is hard for me to find the time to dedicate to it. My company does offer an EAP program and I did get time to call them, but that was an experience very similar to Steve Martin’s help line in the movie “Mixed Nuts.” A very compassionate man answers the phone and I ask ”Can you help me appeal my insurance denial?”… to which he answers, as politely as possible…NO - but if I am depressed or need counseling to feel free to call any time. I said no thanks, and I could only think that they could not ring the bell for me as someone they saved for the day…

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Watching Paint Dry

I think watching paint dry would sometimes be more fun than waiting for my teeth to align, and guessing, and obsessing, on what the surgery will be like. Getting use to the them rubbing the inside of my mouth, but keep biting my cheek ..OUCH. See the ortho next week for round two of adjustments which will be a thicker wire.

Also, got a letter from the insurance company saying that they will cover a whopping $1,000.00 for the procedure. Even though I knew when I started this process that the insurance company would probably not cover the procedure, I still get bent out of shape when they deny coverage. What ever…I will keep fighting…

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mug Shot

I went today and paid off the remainder of my metal mouth, after receiving my flex card in the mail over the weekend (and subsequently retrieving it from the trash...long story) I figured for $6500 bucks I should be able to get some photos, I asked the orthodontic to forward me the images..., so here are my teeth and jaw profiles...if I had a number underneath it would almost look like booking series. Anyway, not much to say about pictures other than perhaps I should consider a nose job too...Ha...