Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Update

So, I am a couple week past my 4th adjustment. Got a larger wire installed and the first few days where pretty tough, but all is well now. while at the orthodontist I asked his opinion when I might be ready for surgery and he said about 8 more months (which rounds out about 1 year from my start date). That puts me in surgery around May'ish of 2011... I was originally thinking February, so time will only tell. As far at the insurance woes go - that front is going good and not so good. The not so good part is that the insurance company has denied me totally, and the Insurance Commissioner reviewed their claim and substiantiated too. But, on the good part, my boss said she will help me financially with the surgery (how much of a commitment I don't know now). We are going to get together soon to discuss the level the company will help, I will keep you posted. I am going to make an appointment/consultation with the oral surgeon again to begin to get to know him a little better - when I was at the ortho I also asked when I would see him next and he said that it wouldn't be until I got closer to the surgery date...I feel like that is a little too late in the game. So, in October I am going to take my list of questions to Dr. Surgeon and chat him up!
Pattie and I went shoping this weekend to look for something for me to sleep in while in recovery. I remember when I broke my collar bone I sleep upright for 2 weeks, but it sounds like this may be much longer. Looking into perhaps a really comfortable recliner...any thoughts about sleeping arrangements?

Also, I thought it might be good to throw a picture or two into the mix, but I really hate pictures, so I had my puppy help me out to so "progress" you go..

That's it for now...stay well!