Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Records Appointment

So, T-minus and counting. Last week I got my "surgery hook" in. Not a big deal, and yes they only added one hook - as it turns out I have had the kind of braces with hooks on it already so no big deal to add one more.

Also, today signed the scary hospital consent form which basically said almost anything could happen during this surgery....I am glad I got that out of the way.

Here is a picture my wife took during the appointment of me getting measurments for the jaw movement etc...

I was asked to place this mid-evil contraption in my ears while I bit down on wax to locate my bite and the doctor tightened it snugly to my head and took measurements. Very interesting...

And, finally more models today...the models they take at the orthodontist office are so much easier because they flavor that yucky crap...and at the surgeons office they use funky, stinky stuff that almost makes me gag! Glad that too is over!

Really, next stop surgery August 8th at 9:15! I go in and out of anxiety, but I am very confident in my surgeon, AND the hospital I am staying at! I am so looking forward to being beyond the surgery part!

More to come...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Surgery Date

I got a call Monday by my orthodontist's office to have me come in and take some x-rays and models of my teeth for my upcoming visit with the surgeon on Wednesday. So I did, but Wednesday's appointment with the surgeon was very surprising to me...
The date of my surgery has been set for August 8th at 9:15 am…OMG I am very happy to have this in sight. The morning of the procedure, we will check into Swedish Hospital at 7:00 am and will hang out in some kind of private Living room type environment, where I will have your initial consultation with the Anesthesiologist. I told my surgeon that I didn’t want to be “wheeled” into the surgery room “awake” and he said that there is no “rolling” into the surgery room any more and that I will be walking in there…ug and ouch.. At least I have 3 weeks to process this new image…
Surprisingly he also said the surgery will last 2 – 2 ½ hours, which was a huge surprise to me. Every blog I have read seem to mention very lengthy procedures. Of course, after surgery I will be sent to the “recovery” before being taken back to your room and I will spend one night at Swedish.
Also surprising, no splint after surgery, the splint will be used during your surgery but it will be removed once the procedure is finished.
The primary source of movement will happen in the upper jaw/palate. my lower jaw will be pushed back – but very little. No bone movement or plasty will happen in your chin.
And, no catheter – thank God…I was not looking forward to this event..even though I would be out like a light.
I will go back to see my orthodontist 10 – 14 days before the procedure, for new photos, x-rays and models, and then a couple of days before the procedure I will go back to the orthodontist for surgery hooks.

Kind of excited...and not freaking out yet...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Surgeon Visit this Week

I went to my orthodontist on June 21st which I once again expected them to say I was ready for surgery…but not yet. But, I do have a slight change in procedure. I was told my next visit was to be with my surgeon towards the end of July and then come back to the orthodontist right before surgery for surgery hooks.
After my visit with my ortho, I waited a couple of day and called my surgeon to see if I could get in mid July to discuss the billions of questions I have. It seems to me that the most important part of this whole process comes down to the surgery and you don’t get very much face time with the surgeon as you do with the orthodontists. Anyway, my appointment with my surgeon is this Wednesday. I am looking forward to seeing him and discussing the final procedures of my surgery. I believe that I am right on the door step of surgery and if I think too much about the process I get kind of nervous. I really hope I can get into that surgery room and not run out of the hospital with my ass hanging out of a hospital gown.
I took some pictures of my bite tonight, but none of the picture look very good, blurry etc. But, here is one that is so, so.