Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ding Dong the Splint is Dead!

To catch you up between week 3 and week 5 here is basically the overview...swelling in the morning, pain in the evening from talking too much/splint, and me complaining 24/7 about how I HATE my splint, OMG this thing is awful. So, wanting to get my spling out ASAP, I called my surgeon to see if I could make an appointment in Seattle on my 6 week check up (he only comes to our County once a week). He said that rather than going over to Seattle he could take it on September 14 (today, which is 5 weeks and 2 days)!! I didn't hesitate to make that move and tah dah, today he pulled that awful thing out! Then, at noon, I had my check up with the orthodontist which removed the rest of the scrap metal in my mouth!! I was really dreading that visit, because my teeth are sore in some areas and the orthodontist usually tugs and pulls on them pretty hard! But, the gal that did the tweaking was amazing and that went really well!! So, today I am officially just an orthodontic patient! I have to wear rubberbands 24/7 on my right side so the molars begin to pull together and far so good on that!

Although the last couple of days one of my molars has become very sensitive to hot and cold and I am worried that it may turn into a root canal - that would absolutely suck, so at the moment I am just putting out there that everything is fine and it will heal and adjust!

Here are a couple update pictures...I really hate pictures right now because I think my smile is still very swollen...


I am hoping that with the splint out and the new regiment of orthodontic that my evening pain diminishes.

Hope all is well with everyone!
Cheers to you.

Monday, August 29, 2011

3 weeks!

Okay, so 3 weeks ago today was my surgery! I would like to say the time has really flown by, but it hasn't! I feel like every day is a "dog" day and time is going so slow. Right now the most annoying thing going on with my is this stupid splint! I hate it! I still have 3 more weeks, or 19 business day (not that I am counting) to get it out! UG...
Also, today was my first full day back at work. Didn't go too bad, but I was very exhausted by the end of the day! Fortunately for me, I don't have to wear the rubber bands during work hours, if I did I think it would be even worse!

I do know that I am healing at lightening speed and I am so grateful for that, but I do look forward to the day when all this metal comes out of my mouth! Before I went in for surgery, the orthodontist put "holiday ties" on my braces which is essentially metal wire wrapped a million time around my braces...the surgeon has also anchored the splint with more wires, and the most frustrating thing about it all is the end of each wire is just twisted and hanging in my mouth ready to snag my cheek, lip, tongue etc! UG Again! Anyway, I actually look forward to just braces in my mouth and all this additional crap OUT!

Here is a picture update!:

Side view:

Saturday, August 27, 2011

New post from Mrs Brent! :D

So, as of today Brent is having another tough day. Last weekend was also tough, as he was having muscle cramps in his face.

Today I know he has pain but also he is kind of in the dumps for healing time - which is ironic because he has been way above the charts from the minute he left Recovery right after surgery.

Basically, he is healing so well... he expects to be officially healed with a perfect bite already and chowing down on corn-on-the-cob and ribs. *sigh*

This week his surgeon told him he only has to wear rubber bands 12 hours a day - most of which can be done while he is sleeping. In four more weeks (or so) they will remove the splint in his upper palate that is wired to his braces. Then he won't have to talk with such a lisp, which I know will also help him feel better. Once the splint is removed, he will go back to his orthodontist for the fine tuning of his bite.

From his Surgeon, his Orthodontist and his Dentist... he could not have more professionals rooting for him and excited to see him achieve this goal.

He also appreciates all of YOU for helping to keep him encouraged during this time, and so do I.

Last night, Brent had some fun, using his front teeth to bite thru some salami! His bite isn't perfect yet - and of course he needs to practice using those teeth, because he has NEVER been ablt to do this before... but it was so much fun to see him be able to do this!

This is the good stuff!



Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 14

Doesn't seem like much improvement on swelling, but I know that swelling is way down. It seems to me that towards the evening the swelling lurks back into my chin and lower lip.
Here is latest picture

Side view:

Saturday and Sunday were very painful days for me, and it is mainly because of these bands...I really don't like them! It seems when they are off I feel pretty good, but the second the go back on BAM pain, it is not really worth taking them off except to eat and clean my teeth. I am suppose to keep them on for a minimum of 20 hours per day, but when I see Dr. Feldman this Wednesday and I am hope he says something like "at night only" that would be great!

Also, today I went back to work to see how long I could last...made it until about 11:30, then went home and crashed (nappy nap time for me)!

More to come after Wednesday!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 10

Yesterday I saw Dr. Feldman for progress update. He said everything was healing well! Also, told me my splint is in for the long haul (5-6 weeks) At least he removed one wire that was poking the crap out of my upper lip! Also, he re-arranged my bands to make it a little bit easier to talk. But, I got to say, this splint sucks!

Pain wise I can go about 12 hours without something to cut the pain. Mainly Ibuprofen, but if it get really bad I hit the "bottle" liquid oxycodyne! I tell you what...that knock me out! I usually take at night to aid in both pain reduction and wonderful sleep aide.

Day 10...I can't believe it is day 10. My energy level seems to last me about half a day, then it is nappy nap time for me! There is nothing like a mid-day nap!

Here are some progress pictures:

Swelling on my right side is still driving me nuts.

Numbness is gone everywhere except my lower right lip, chin and tongue.

The numbness does drive me nuts, but I think today I am getting along with it better. My tongue is very swollen still and has lots of abrasions on it. Also drool city. I am fortunate that I can close my lip together because otherwise it wold be even worse.

It seems like every day is a little better. Yesterday when I got my bands re-arranged I did a lot of talking which actually tired me out. Especially my lower jaw, after a half a day mumbling around I was really sore.

That about it here.

Have a great day!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Closing out Day 5

Today was a little rough...I had a hard time getting the right kind of food. Eating is such a chore
Here is front profile

Here is the side profile

Thanks for all your well wishes!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Update Day 4

Here is a photo of me just before going in to the pre-surgery room (my sister in the background.)

I did not want to walk into the surgery room, but had to laugh about Dani's Grey's Anatomy approach. I sure did get the entire experience.
First step was into a check in room. I was told to get into the hospital pajama's and gown. Second step was the pre-surgery holding room. I got the IV in my arm and then waited the long wait. I was surprise that I walked into the surgery room and actually laid on that table....I was a little freaked, but I told the anesthesiolist that I did not want to "hang out in the surgery room" and he accommodated me well. I laid down and asked where Dr. Feldman was and that is all I remember. Surgery was suppose to take place at 9:15 but was delayed until 10:06, the entire surgery lasted 2 hours and 20 minutes.
Pulling out of recovery was very strange too. I remember looking at the clock on the wall and asking if it was all done. Of course I knew something was different because my mouth was banded pretty tight. Shortly there after I was transferred to my room.

As you can see, I am looking here like what the hell did I just do?

Here is my Day 1 post op appointment at Dr. Feldman's office. The room was super hot and I was trying not to get sick.

The trip home was okay car ride...ferry ride...I was very glad to be home.

Day 2, we went to see Dr. Feldman because the splint he wired into my mouth had very sharp wires (still does) and I wanted him to trim them. For some reason he didn't - I was too outta of it to figure why.

I did order one of these which came late because of shipping errors, but is very nice once you get it set up!

And, finally today's photo...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rounding Day 2

Thank you all!

Feeling much better tongihts...I have been sucking up the liquid oxycodne all day until about 4 to which I switched it up to ibupropen...that seem to kick my pain down.
Went to see the surgeon today and he said I looked great...alos saw my orthodontist he was very excited to see my bite!
Thank you all for the support it really is awesome!!

Your Prayers and Thoughts Helped Me through

Wow...what an interesting experience ...Ug
I am on day 2.. surgery went fine of course the BSSO on the lower jaw and 2 piece lefort on the top (they initially thought 1 piece lefort.)

Last night was my first good night sleeping. Keep getting a bloody nose on the right nostril where I think they use the nasal tube.

Still trying to get my whits about hopefully today will be a good day.

Here is the xray:

More pictues to follow...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Surgery Tomorrow

Thank you all for your support!

I am off to Seattle tonight for surgery tomorrow at 9:15. Please send your prayers my way for a perfect and successful surgery with swift recovery!

I will check in after surgery.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Records Appointment

So, T-minus and counting. Last week I got my "surgery hook" in. Not a big deal, and yes they only added one hook - as it turns out I have had the kind of braces with hooks on it already so no big deal to add one more.

Also, today signed the scary hospital consent form which basically said almost anything could happen during this surgery....I am glad I got that out of the way.

Here is a picture my wife took during the appointment of me getting measurments for the jaw movement etc...

I was asked to place this mid-evil contraption in my ears while I bit down on wax to locate my bite and the doctor tightened it snugly to my head and took measurements. Very interesting...

And, finally more models today...the models they take at the orthodontist office are so much easier because they flavor that yucky crap...and at the surgeons office they use funky, stinky stuff that almost makes me gag! Glad that too is over!

Really, next stop surgery August 8th at 9:15! I go in and out of anxiety, but I am very confident in my surgeon, AND the hospital I am staying at! I am so looking forward to being beyond the surgery part!

More to come...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Surgery Date

I got a call Monday by my orthodontist's office to have me come in and take some x-rays and models of my teeth for my upcoming visit with the surgeon on Wednesday. So I did, but Wednesday's appointment with the surgeon was very surprising to me...
The date of my surgery has been set for August 8th at 9:15 am…OMG I am very happy to have this in sight. The morning of the procedure, we will check into Swedish Hospital at 7:00 am and will hang out in some kind of private Living room type environment, where I will have your initial consultation with the Anesthesiologist. I told my surgeon that I didn’t want to be “wheeled” into the surgery room “awake” and he said that there is no “rolling” into the surgery room any more and that I will be walking in there…ug and ouch.. At least I have 3 weeks to process this new image…
Surprisingly he also said the surgery will last 2 – 2 ½ hours, which was a huge surprise to me. Every blog I have read seem to mention very lengthy procedures. Of course, after surgery I will be sent to the “recovery” before being taken back to your room and I will spend one night at Swedish.
Also surprising, no splint after surgery, the splint will be used during your surgery but it will be removed once the procedure is finished.
The primary source of movement will happen in the upper jaw/palate. my lower jaw will be pushed back – but very little. No bone movement or plasty will happen in your chin.
And, no catheter – thank God…I was not looking forward to this event..even though I would be out like a light.
I will go back to see my orthodontist 10 – 14 days before the procedure, for new photos, x-rays and models, and then a couple of days before the procedure I will go back to the orthodontist for surgery hooks.

Kind of excited...and not freaking out yet...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Surgeon Visit this Week

I went to my orthodontist on June 21st which I once again expected them to say I was ready for surgery…but not yet. But, I do have a slight change in procedure. I was told my next visit was to be with my surgeon towards the end of July and then come back to the orthodontist right before surgery for surgery hooks.
After my visit with my ortho, I waited a couple of day and called my surgeon to see if I could get in mid July to discuss the billions of questions I have. It seems to me that the most important part of this whole process comes down to the surgery and you don’t get very much face time with the surgeon as you do with the orthodontists. Anyway, my appointment with my surgeon is this Wednesday. I am looking forward to seeing him and discussing the final procedures of my surgery. I believe that I am right on the door step of surgery and if I think too much about the process I get kind of nervous. I really hope I can get into that surgery room and not run out of the hospital with my ass hanging out of a hospital gown.
I took some pictures of my bite tonight, but none of the picture look very good, blurry etc. But, here is one that is so, so.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sleep Study Update

So, updates on my sleep study. It took forever for the doctor to actual get back to me after the sleep study. At the end of the day the determination was that I did not have sleep apnea. I guess that is good to know and have behind me.
My surgery keeps being pushed out further and further. All my teeth are in good shape except two molars in the back top on each side. I really thought that when I went to my orthodontist May 10th he would have said that I was ready to go see the oral surgeon, but no. Same story with the molars, and he is being picky (which is just fine with me). The best guess now is July/August, I really didn’t want to spend a hot summer with my face swollen but it is what it is. My insurance company will not pay for anything, so it will be all out of pocket for me. That sucks, but I am beyond that any more. I have been saving and will take a loan out on my 401K plan for what I am short of.
Right now I don’t feel too anxious about my surgery and hopefully it stays that way. I actually really just want to be done with it and begin the recovery process. I do get a little worried about being 42 and how my recovery will be, but I feel healthy and young. I don’t really know how the hell time has passed so fast. I keep telling myself that I am very young!
Next appointment with the orthodontist is June 21…I am guessing that at this appointment he will refer me to the surgeon. Surgery will be at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, which every tells me is an excellent hospital. That makes me feel very comfortable.
That’s it for now.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sleep study results

Wednesday I participated in a sleep study and what a weird experience. I showed up at 8:30 p.m. in my pj's on a cold night. I didn't bring anything except a book to read and a "woobie" my wife made me take because she was worried that the pillows wouldn't be comfy or have proper neck support!

When I get to the door of the Lab, the buzzer to call the technician was broken with a note that say "call this number for assistance." I thought to myself, what about those people that don't have cell phones to make this call? Well, anyway I did and after I made the call a tech came down and got me. At first, I was the only schmuck standing at the door waiting to sleep in some strange room, and I felt some comfort that I was the only person there and didn't have to hang out with other sleep study patients. But... just as I stood waiting for Ms. Tech to come down, it seems as though the building was being rushed by a bunch of grumpy older men missing the buffet line at Sizzler. So, there I stand in my pj's amongst my "new sleep study peers." Yikes... what have I got myself into??? The sleep study is on the 2nd floor and rather than taking the steps (like I prefer) I was then herded into the smallest elevator I have seen in some time - destined for the unknown. I was unsure if I would be bunking with my new friends and seconding guessing the bean burrito I had for lunch.

Fortunately, these guys had been there before, so check in for them was very rapid, as I sat in the lobby area waiting for my turn. My turn to check in, and was asked to step forward for a photo, why I don't know but at least I wasn't finger printed.

After that, I was escorted into the sleep suite and with great anticipation I schlepped behind Ms. Tech to my room. To my surprise, the two grumpy weren't in there wearing their white tank tops sitting in bunk beds or a community of cots.

Instead, I had a very nice is the picture:

Phew, so far, so good...I can hang here for a night. The room was like a hotel suite - really nice private bath, TV and cable - I thought for a minute I was on vacation. Ms. Tech told me she had to run off and deal with another patient and that I had about 45 minutes to hang and relax. I turned on the tube and played with the "sleep by number" bed and checked out the room. The main living had video cameras but the bathroom was "camera free." When my turn came up, I was called to get plugged in. I guess this was the part I was really wondering about - Ms. Tech hands me a couple of long wires and instructed me to snake them through my pj's down to my feet and then sit down. About 30 minutes later I look like this:

This picture is actually of me first thing in the morning. Once I was rigged like this, I was shuttled back to my space and told that this is where it started. I asked if I could read or watch tv and they said no, because they study was beginning now. Door shut, lights off, I laid in bed with all these wires hanging out. Fortunately for me, I took some Unisome just before arriving and that helped me get to sleep. Through out the night, Ms. Tech would come in and "re-wire" me after my thrashing about pulled certain connections off. All in all it was really easy to do, I was actually able to get about 5 hours sleep. I asked in the morning if I had stopped breathing and she said a couple of time. Results won't be available for probably another week.

More to come.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting closer!

Okay, saw the ortho today and May looks like the month for my surgery. They took moulds and changed out the top wire (bigger) and kept that same wire on the bottom. He said that I was in the "zone" for surgery, but wanted to take moulds to see how the molars in the back are affecting my bite. My molars still need to move, I figure that by April they will be in ship shape! It was cool that the moulds were completed in the same visit so he was able to see how things are fitting. I asked him if he could determine how many millimeter forward and backward the jaws would be moved and he guessed 10 mm (ish) I am kinda freaking out about that much movement, but I am also trying to remember that he was just guessing and the real word will come from the surgeon! Next Wednesday is my sleep study...I check in at 8:30 pm and get out (assuming I sleep) at 7:00 am. That ought to be fairly strange in all ways, but I am game - what the heck.

Anyway, I will post after the sleep study...


Saturday, January 29, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I have been seriously AOL, but for good reason. I have taken on new duties at work and my focus has been there.
Let see, the last time I went to my ortho not much a larger wire on the lower teeth, but still with the same wire size on the top now for several month. My back molars are pretty tweaked out so they are taking their own sweet time to fall into place. I asked at the time if he thought that surgery would be in May and he said that until my teeth get a little straighter he could not really make that predictions. Although, I will say the since that appoint my back molars have come a long way and I am hoping to get more clarity on my next appt Feb 8th. May will mark the one year mark of being in braces...time does fly! I am not completely tired of futzing around with braces, but there are day like today that they are driving me nuts! The inside of my mouth is being rubbed raw on one side. Also, the more I get clearer about the frustrations about my bite, the more I actually look forward to getting this surgery done to fix it!! It will be the weirdest thing experience to be able to bite through food! I am still very excited about the new surgeon I am working with. Haven't had the sleep study yet, but went to my family doctor just recently to get the referral. That should be rather interesting!
Thanks Tara for checking in!!
I will post after my Feb 8th appt, I am hoping to get more clarity on when the surgery will be.