Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sleep Study Update

So, updates on my sleep study. It took forever for the doctor to actual get back to me after the sleep study. At the end of the day the determination was that I did not have sleep apnea. I guess that is good to know and have behind me.
My surgery keeps being pushed out further and further. All my teeth are in good shape except two molars in the back top on each side. I really thought that when I went to my orthodontist May 10th he would have said that I was ready to go see the oral surgeon, but no. Same story with the molars, and he is being picky (which is just fine with me). The best guess now is July/August, I really didn’t want to spend a hot summer with my face swollen but it is what it is. My insurance company will not pay for anything, so it will be all out of pocket for me. That sucks, but I am beyond that any more. I have been saving and will take a loan out on my 401K plan for what I am short of.
Right now I don’t feel too anxious about my surgery and hopefully it stays that way. I actually really just want to be done with it and begin the recovery process. I do get a little worried about being 42 and how my recovery will be, but I feel healthy and young. I don’t really know how the hell time has passed so fast. I keep telling myself that I am very young!
Next appointment with the orthodontist is June 21…I am guessing that at this appointment he will refer me to the surgeon. Surgery will be at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, which every tells me is an excellent hospital. That makes me feel very comfortable.
That’s it for now.