Wednesday, October 27, 2010

News and Changes!

So, went to the orthodontics last week and he said I was still on track for May'ish. They tried to change out the top wire to a larger one, but after getting it stuck and having to cut is out the remainder - they came to the conclusion that I needed to stay with the same guage. I was excited about the notion of getting the upgraded wire...because I equate that with faster progress.

While I was there, I spoke with treatment coordinator (Shelley) about the surgeon I have and how it seems to be rediculous to get help and coordinaiton from the hospital for quotes on the surgery package I need. During our conversation, we both decided that we should shift surgeons and go back to the guy the I originally worked with. In the beginning, I was hestitant to go back to the same guy in fear that he would throw some kind of temper tantrum about me never follow through 20 years ago. Well, today I went and visited him, and I am so excited about working with him again. I could not get the comfort level everone speaks about with they bring up their surgeon with the other guy. Both me and my wife went today to see my new surgeon and we both walked out of his office very pleased. So, that is my very exciting news today to announce my new surgeon Dr. Feldman out of Seattle. And he also provides a "surgery package" and has options for financing the surgery! The last surgeon's staff essentially said that coordinating with the hospital was my job and I could not get any help at all from them.
So, next step for me - wait for results from new cast. Also, Dr. Feldman wants me to go take a sleep study to see what extent my open bite is causing apena. Sounds silly, me picking my underwear out of my ass on camera with a bunch of probes in my head! (I make me laugh). But I got to do what I got to do, more later!

Thank you all for your support and encouragement!

Cheers for now!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tardy Update

Wow, time flies and I have been wacky busy! Lots of very exciting things going on at work that have been grabbing my attention lately (all good)!

Teeth, well I go see the ortho this Wednesday and as you can see in the fabulous picture in the last post the bottom teeth are really whacked out, but they have adjusted further inward lately (but still looks weird). The last appointment the orthodontist inserted the large wire into the very back molars, and the flossing is freaking frustrating. All is good because I signed up for this program, but what is interesting is that when I had braces back in my 20's they didn't put brackets on the last molars. I know this because I still have the molds for my teeth from back then and they don't have brackets. It is fun to to compare my progress today to what I had done previously.

Insurance issues are dead. I can't say this companies that exclude this from coverage across the nation SUCK! That being said, I am on to plan b, saving money, and/or getting loans!

I have been checking in with the community, I can't believe how fast Shaye's teeth are moving and it looks like January/February for you! Shout out to Makay, Elisha, Mandy, Sarah, Alexis, June and Stephanie! All your blogs are so wonderful and I enjoy the community and knowledge I gain from them!!

That's it for now. I will post after my orthodontist appointment on Wednesday.