Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 10

Yesterday I saw Dr. Feldman for progress update. He said everything was healing well! Also, told me my splint is in for the long haul (5-6 weeks) At least he removed one wire that was poking the crap out of my upper lip! Also, he re-arranged my bands to make it a little bit easier to talk. But, I got to say, this splint sucks!

Pain wise I can go about 12 hours without something to cut the pain. Mainly Ibuprofen, but if it get really bad I hit the "bottle" liquid oxycodyne! I tell you what...that knock me out! I usually take at night to aid in both pain reduction and wonderful sleep aide.

Day 10...I can't believe it is day 10. My energy level seems to last me about half a day, then it is nappy nap time for me! There is nothing like a mid-day nap!

Here are some progress pictures:

Swelling on my right side is still driving me nuts.

Numbness is gone everywhere except my lower right lip, chin and tongue.

The numbness does drive me nuts, but I think today I am getting along with it better. My tongue is very swollen still and has lots of abrasions on it. Also drool city. I am fortunate that I can close my lip together because otherwise it wold be even worse.

It seems like every day is a little better. Yesterday when I got my bands re-arranged I did a lot of talking which actually tired me out. Especially my lower jaw, after a half a day mumbling around I was really sore.

That about it here.

Have a great day!


  1. you look great brent! love those midday naps! i'm glad you're able to get some rest and aren't feeling to badly now at day 10. when do you resume work? how long did your wife stay home with you before returning to work?

    thanks for updating us!


  2. You already look so much better than in your last post! Swelling is down a noticeable degree. Great news that you can go such long stretches without the pain meds. You're looking really good for day 10. Thanks for the update, be well!

  3. Hi Brent,

    You are looking awesome for Day 10! And, I know what you mean about those midday naps. LOVE 'EM...With two young children, they are a rarity for me, but I'll take it when I can get it. Glad your pain is becoming less noticeable/more tolerable.

    Happy Healing!

  4. Brent you look fantastic!!! It's great you can go so long w/out pain meds. Keep up the good work:)

  5. Completely relate to you regarding the tiredness. Gosh, I had two appointments last night and after that I was out like a light!

    So happy to see you are managing well.

  6. You are doing tremendously well through all of this, Brent! You can complain more, you are making the rest of us look like a bunch of babies! Hee hee! :-)

  7. Hi there!
    Last couple of day have been pretty painful...the right side of my cheek is cramping or doing some horrible thing...all I can do is sit around and ice then heat..suck but I am getting along...
    @ Tara...I was thinking of going part time to work starting Monday...but at this point it is very difficult for me to talk without creating a lot of pain. My wife has the ability to work from home so she has been doing a lot of 50/50 work. But, for the first week I had my sister and wife around for support.
    @Nora, thanks for the well wishes!
    @Cece, I sure hope that you had help with your children...the energy that must take! Thank your for your well wishes.
    @ Amanda, thanks for the encouragement on the pain meds...I really would like to "rough" it out, but I HATE pain. It is quite the guggle for me right now.
    @ Catherine - I hope all is well for you too! This process is no fun... me, I am a man I if you just asked my wife she would say I am complaining enough for the entire universe, but thank you for the encouragement