Saturday, August 27, 2011

New post from Mrs Brent! :D

So, as of today Brent is having another tough day. Last weekend was also tough, as he was having muscle cramps in his face.

Today I know he has pain but also he is kind of in the dumps for healing time - which is ironic because he has been way above the charts from the minute he left Recovery right after surgery.

Basically, he is healing so well... he expects to be officially healed with a perfect bite already and chowing down on corn-on-the-cob and ribs. *sigh*

This week his surgeon told him he only has to wear rubber bands 12 hours a day - most of which can be done while he is sleeping. In four more weeks (or so) they will remove the splint in his upper palate that is wired to his braces. Then he won't have to talk with such a lisp, which I know will also help him feel better. Once the splint is removed, he will go back to his orthodontist for the fine tuning of his bite.

From his Surgeon, his Orthodontist and his Dentist... he could not have more professionals rooting for him and excited to see him achieve this goal.

He also appreciates all of YOU for helping to keep him encouraged during this time, and so do I.

Last night, Brent had some fun, using his front teeth to bite thru some salami! His bite isn't perfect yet - and of course he needs to practice using those teeth, because he has NEVER been ablt to do this before... but it was so much fun to see him be able to do this!

This is the good stuff!




  1. Hi Pattie,

    First, let me say that I think you are SO awesome for taking such good care of Brent throughout this process. It is a LONG, sometimes tedious process that requires lots of support.

    Please let Brent know (if he doesn't already know) that mild post-op depression is normal. Especially when the initial adrenaline wears off, and things are back to "normal", yet they aren't exactly "normal". It can be very frustrating, but worth it in the end.

    I hope that his breathing has improved, and that he will continue to see progress each day.

    Best Wishes!

  2. Hi Pattie,

    I absolutely relate to the whole I'm healing fast so why can't I be better fast, situation. Nothing is more frustrating. But for him to eat salami!!! Hooray!!!! I can't even do that so he's ahead of me even! Tell him I am so happy for him! Maybe give him a goal to look forward to in the next year to keep his head high when he gets down. Like mine is: by next halloween/fall season I will be able to eat a caramel apple like a normal person. It keeps me going knowing I have to heal and have my braces off before I can do any of this and not ruin it. Silly, but it helps. Glad to hear his splint gets to come off soon-ish! And the rubber bands are not 24/7. Always a plus when those guys come off.

    Well wishes to the both of you :)

    Niki :)