Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 14

Doesn't seem like much improvement on swelling, but I know that swelling is way down. It seems to me that towards the evening the swelling lurks back into my chin and lower lip.
Here is latest picture

Side view:

Saturday and Sunday were very painful days for me, and it is mainly because of these bands...I really don't like them! It seems when they are off I feel pretty good, but the second the go back on BAM pain, it is not really worth taking them off except to eat and clean my teeth. I am suppose to keep them on for a minimum of 20 hours per day, but when I see Dr. Feldman this Wednesday and I am hope he says something like "at night only" that would be great!

Also, today I went back to work to see how long I could last...made it until about 11:30, then went home and crashed (nappy nap time for me)!

More to come after Wednesday!


  1. Ha ha, don't expect to get away with only wearing the bands at night... You will get used to them though. Mine bother me less and less these days. You are looking great! When are you expected to fully return to work? I went back after 3.5 weeks but could have gone back maybe a week earlier.

  2. Hey Brent!
    Glad you are doing well!! You look great too, progress progress. I've only got 2 rubber bands, How many are you wearing, if you can't decrease time maybe( if you have a few) ask if you could lose 1 or 2. Hope that helps, glad you are getting back into the swing of things!

    Life's a party, wear the hats.
    Niki :)